Visual inspection of long-term electroencephalography (EEG) is a tedious task for physicians in neurology. Based on bidirectional gated recurrent unit (Bi-GRU) neural network, an automatic seizure detection method is proposed in this paper to facilitate the diagnosis and treatment of epilepsy. Firstly, wavelet transforms are applied to EEG recordings for filtering pre-processing. Then the relative energies of signals in several particular frequency bands are calculated and inputted into Bi-GRU network. Afterwards, the outputs of Bi-GRU network are further processed by moving average filtering, threshold comparison and seizure merging to generate the discriminant results that the tested EEG belong to seizure or not. Evaluated on CHB-MIT scalp EEG database, the proposed seizure detection method obtained an average sensitivity of 93.89% and an average specificity of 98.49%. 124 out of 128 seizures were correctly detected and the achieved average false detection rate was 0.31 per hour on 867.14 h testing data. The results show the superiority of Bi-GRU network in seizure detection and the proposed detection method has a promising potential in the monitoring of long-term EEG.