There have been various studies conducted so far in order to measure the effect of equine hypersensitivity on the patients who are already very much sensitive to the allergy.  Therefore, an attempt was made to read and analyze the data of nearly 8522 patients who were already very much prone to illness and viral infections. It was discovered that people were very much affected. This could be understood by understanding the impact of the study. It was observed that nearly 48 percent of the patients were the ones in which mild symptoms of the allergy could be seen. However, with respect to the remaining people, strong symptoms could be seen. In addition, it was discovered that the remaining 52 percent of the population was able to showcase the symptoms of equine hypersensitivity. This disease was known for weakening the immune system additionally by 54 percent. This was also known for aggravating the destruction of  RNA protein and enzymes like ARZ and RGG. therefore, an attempt was made to administer them the antibiotics in the proportion of 4.5 mg/L in the best possible manner.

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