To estimate the association between an erectile dysfunction (ED) diagnosis and other chronic health conditions, as well as, the association between receiving ED treatment and these conditions.
Data was reviewed from the IBM MarketScan Claims and Encounters database between 2008-2017 for men ≥18 years. Of this cohort, common chronic health conditions were identified and the associations of receiving ED treatment and having a chronic health condition was then analyzed.
We identified 954 512 (38.3%) of the 2 489 069 men ≥18 years with at least one recorded diagnosis of ED, who also had at least one chronic health condition. Eighteen conditions were observed to be positively associated with ED, while eleven conditions were negatively associated. Depression (OR 2.875: 95% CI 2.866, 2.884; p<0.001) had the strongest association, while ischemic heart disease (IHD) had the weakest (OR 0.76: 95% CI 0.755, 0.773; p<0.001).
Our study found that a diagnosis of ED was strongly associated with concomitant diagnoses of depression, hypertension, diabetes and several autoimmune diseases. Receiving treatment for ED varied between chronic health conditions.

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