Research is being presented at ESC 2014, the European Society of Cardiology’s 2014 Congress, from August 30 to September 3 in Barcelona, Spain.


Meeting Highlights

Fractional Flow Reserve for Managing NSTEMI

Real-World Success With Retrievable & Repositionable Valve

Renal Denervation, AF, & Hypertension


News From ESC 2014

Best of ESC Congress 2014

STICS – Short-term peri-operative statin treatment does not reduce complications after cardiac surgery

X-VErT – Pre-treatment with rivaroxaban may expedite cardioversion

AMIO CAT – Medication Improves Short-Term Recovery after Ablation for Atrial Fibrillation

IBIS 4 – High-Dose Rosuvastatin Shrinks Coronary Plaque in Heart Attack Patients

IMPI – Steroids Raise Cancer Risk in TB-associated HIV

Simple awareness campaign in general practice identifies new cases of AF

ROCKET AF trial suggests that digoxin increases risk of death in AF patients

Coffee increases prediabetes risk in susceptible young adults

Mechanical heart valves increase pregnancy risk

Health structures explain nearly 20% of non-adherence to heart failure guidelines

BIOSCIENCE – Experimental coronary stent combines ultrathin structure with biodegradable material

ANTHEM-HF study shows significant improvement in cardiac function with left or right vagus nerve stimulation

Biventricular pacing disappoints in BIOPACE trial

SEPTAL CRT – Study finds alternative lead position is safe in cardiac resynchronisation therapy  

STAR AF 2 – In Ablation for Persistent Atrial Fibrillation, “Less May be More” 

EUROECO – ICD Home Monitoring: Cost Compares, but Reimbursement Lags

CvL PRIT – Complete Revascularisation Improves Outcome in Heart Attack Patients 

ATLANTIC – Ambulance administration of anti-clot drug may benefit heart attack patients

NOMI – Nitric oxide inhalation in heart attack patients sends mixed messages, but may offer benefit

MITOCARE – Hopes dashed for an Agent to Prevent Reperfusion Injury

RELAX AHF trial: Serelaxin reduces in-hospital worsening heart failure 

SYMPLICITY – One-year data from SYMPLICITY HTN-3 confirm findings from six month analysis 

FAME 2 – FFR-guided drug-eluting stenting better than medical therapy in stable CAD

TASTE trial finds no benefit of thrombus aspiration for AMI at one year

FOCUS – Polypill increases adherence to post MI treatment

Permanent AF doubles risk of stroke compared to paroxysmal AF 

Fruit consumption cuts CVD risk by up to 40%

Solid-TIMI 52 – Darapladib disappoints again – Anti-inflammatory treatment fails to prevent cardiac events

ODYSSEY COMBO II – Investigational agent outshines ezetimibe for lowering cholesterol

ODYSSEY FHI & II – Investigational alirocumab shows lipid-lowering promise

LISTEN – Statin standoff: Does rosuvastatin tip the balance in diabetic patients?

Batteryless cardiac pacemaker is based on automatic wristwatch

Local anaesthetic for TAVI as safe and effective as general anaesthetic

Resistant hypertension increases stroke risk by 35% in women and 20% in elderly Taiwanese

Antihypertensive therapy reduces CV events, strokes and mortality in older adults

Renal denervation more successful when it includes accessory arteries

Body fat distribution and elevated blood pressure in 22051 youths: The pep family heart study

Is it worth resuscitating octogenarians with out-of-hospital cardiac arrest?

Transfemoral access reduces TAVI mortality, strokes and bleeding

Majority of centenarians have abnormal ECG and half have aortic regurgitation

Wine only protects against CVD in people who exercise 

Energy drinks cause heart problems

Drinking tea reduces non-CV mortality by 24%

AF mortality and morbidity high at 1 year despite good anticoagulant use

ODYSSEY LONG TERM – Long term results underscore efficacy and safety of alirocumab for lowering cholesterol

PARADIGM HF – Investigational LCZ696: a new horizon in heart failure

NECTAR-HF fails to demonstrate clinical benefit of vagus nerve stimulation in Heart Failure

CONFIRM HF – Iron deficient heart failure patients see improvement with intravenous supplementation

MORE CRT – Quadripolar lead trumps bipolar option in cardiac resynchronisation

POPE 2 – Another anti-Inflammatory fails to reduce post-surgical fluid around the heart

COPPS 2 – Gout med cuts complications after cardiac surgery, but side-FX are high

New method predicts optimal number and location of AEDs

Frailty increases risk of death or repeat heart attack in elderly MI patients by three-fold

New ESC registries launched on cardiac oncology and ACS

Transvenous lead extraction clinically successful in 98% of cases

ESC launches journal on CV pharmacotherapy

First recommendations on all new oral anticoagulants in pulmonary embolism published

ESC/EACTS revascularisation guidelines stress benefit of revascularisation in stable CAD

Sudden death predictor identifies ICD candidates in new ESC Guidelines

First comprehensive ESC Guidelines on aortic diseases published

Mobile app on emergency cardiac care aids best decisions in seconds

First multidisciplinary recommendations on management of arrhythmias in ACS patients

ESC Congress 2014 Focuses on Innovations in Cardiology


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