The pandemic of COVID-19 is playing a very essential role in highlighting the shortcoming and lacuna of the medical care that we have in this world. Therefore, during such points of time, it not only becomes essential to save the people from this infection but at the same point of time, try to make them every possible effort in order to assure that the people are provided with the best possible care especially those who are already suffering from serious health ailments like kidney and renal failures. Therefore, at this point in time, it becomes essential to carry on the transplantation treatments using all the measures as provided by the guidelines of the government. This will play a vital role in protecting the lives of the people who are already suffering from various kinds of diseases. In addition, there has been an increased possibility of getting infected in this treatment. Therefore,e the doctor was taking care that the level of cleanliness is maintained. This is nothing but a part and parcel of health ethics.

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