Researchers did this study to estimate the incidence and mortality of uterine cancer among women and to examine the association of ethnicity and socioeconomic status with tumour stage and grade, at presentation of uterine cancer.

Retrospective survey of cancer cases identified from the New Zealand Cancer Registry. The authors analysed all 3203 uterine cancer cases registered with the New Zealand Cancer Registry. Ethnic groups were defined based on the self-identified ethnicity recorded on the cancer registry: Ma–ori, Pacific and non-M–aori non-Pacific women. Socioeconomic status was categorised as quintiles of the New Zealand Deprivation Index. The mortality to incidence ratio was used as a measure of prognosis. Logistic regression was used to estimate age, ethnic and deprivation adjusted ORs and 95% CIs.

The analysis revealed that pacific and M–aori women have higher incidence and mortality rates of uterine cancer. Women in deprived areas are likely to present with an advanced stage of uterine cancer. M–aori and Pacific women are less likely to present with well-differentiated tumours.

The study concluded that M–aori and Pacific women, and those from lower socioeconomic areas, are more likely to present with advanced uterine cancer.