Vitamin D receptors polymorphisms are found to be associated with several cancers. Since their prevalence vary across ethnicities and ethnicity itself seems to influence the cancer risk, a comprehensive meta-analysis was performed to investigate the role of VDR Fok1, Bsm1, Taq1, Apa1, Cdx2 and cancer risk at specific organ sites. Odds ratios, calculated with random-effects models, summarized one-hundred-ninety-two independent studies for twenty-two cancer sites. Evidence was provided that Fok1, Bsm1, Cdx2, Apa1 and Taq1 are linked to cancer susceptibility for colorectal, lung, ovarian, skin, multiple myeloma and brain cancer. Stratifying by ethnicity, some differences were found, partially explained by minor allele frequency (MAF), for colorectal cancer, ovarian and prostate cancer in Caucasian and prostate cancer in Asian populations. In summary, ethnicity may be a modifier of cancer risk, in particular for hormone dependent cancers and it should be considered evaluating the effect of VDR on cancer risk.
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