Approximately 5% of the US adult population has Attention Deficient Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) that can negatively impact quality of life. Health care professionals report a need to increase their knowledge of and confidence in treating adult ADHD. The American Academy of Family Physicians National Research Network (AAFP NRN) collaborated with a panel of experts to create a web-based AAFP Adult ADHD Toolkit composed of resources to aid in the diagnosis, management, and treatment of adults with ADHD.
Assess the impact of using an AAFP Adult ADHD Toolkit in a practice setting.
Ninety-seven primary and behavioral health care professionals from AAFP NRN practices (n=6) used the Toolkit for 17 weeks. Data on Toolkit use, usefulness, implementation, impact, and changes in knowledge and confidence were collected via pre-post and weekly surveys. Mixed methods, regression analyses, -tests, and mixed ANOVA were used to assess change over time.
Use of the Toolkit improved health care providers’ knowledge by midpoint relative to baseline in areas related to treatment effects, side effects, and outcomes (3.6 vs 3.0; = .004); existing ADHD resources (3.3 vs 2.9; = .03); and management of ADHD in patients with comorbid conditions (3.2 vs 2.7; = .01). By the end of the study, Toolkit use was associated with increased confidence in mental health and life history interview techniques (3.5 vs 3.0; = .03); treatment options for ADHD with comorbid mental health disorders (3.2 vs 2.3; ≤ .001); and treatment options for ADHD with coexisting substance use disorders (3.0 vs 2.3; = .003). By the end of the study, most participants (n=47, 87%) reported the Toolkit addressed most of their needs related to diagnosis, treatment, and management of adult ADHD.
Availability and adoption of the Toolkit into the routine care of adults with ADHD measurably increased health care professionals’ knowledge especially in those providers who regularly see adult patients with ADHD.

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