With the potential for severe adverse effects of hypercortisolism, the need to limit the development of sequelae has been increasing. The main need of initiating a curb on this process is to prevent the former from entering into the latter in the minimum possible time. This is solely because of the reason that the evaluation and the treatment of the patients with hypercortisolism are becoming preoperative and hence, the post-operative management for the same is becoming difficult. There have been an increasing amount of studies that have been conducted so far. These studies highlight the higher level of the considerations which are being put forth to encourage the long-term view of the future work. The results concluded that the disease which has been mentioned above is in the position to resolve the adverse effects of the other allied diseases. In the population of 87521 people, nearly 87 percent were the ones who had been subjected to a higher risk of death but despite that, it the help of HNAU therapy they were able to cure themselves. In addition, more attention must be paid to more types of research.

Ref art: https://jamanetwork.com/journals/jamasurgery/article-abstract/2771374