This examination states that this, flu reconnaissance that was basically virological extended to incorporate more epidemiological data to supplement the virological information gathered by the Global Influenza Surveillance and Response System (GISRS).1 The 2009 flu pandemics featured the requirement for quick revealing of cases to evaluate the seriousness of the infection, characterize hazard factors for extreme result and to more readily advise public avoidance and control methodologies. This has asked numerous nations to build up observation frameworks for the early discovery of general wellbeing crises and identification of potential pandemic flu strains. Revealing of reconnaissance information has for the most part utilized paper-based frameworks, cell phone–based frameworks and Web-based frameworks. Among these, versatile and Internet innovations have been effectively utilized for EWS in a few nations and settings.2-5 In Cameroon, there has been progress in the assortment instruments for flu epidemiological information from structures to SMS (short message administration) to cell phone utilizing the Internet to enhance the idealness of information gathered. The execution of the EWS, a Web-based framework that utilizes cell phones, inside the flu reconnaissance in 2017 began with a couple of sentinel destinations in Cameroon for all the more continuous examinations of information gathered and in the readiness of a future pandemic occasion.

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