The main objective of this study is In the contemporary administration of urinary stone infection, clinical treatment can encourage avoidance of stone development and new stone formation.1 For some patients, the utilization of prescription or pharmacologic intercessions might be desirable over medical procedure, is related with negligible dreariness, and improves personal satisfaction. Furthermore, during intense stone scenes, pharmacologic mediations may not reliably encourage unconstrained entry or stone disintegration for every stone sort or location. Various dietary enhancements have as of late been carried to the market with the indicated advantage of kidney stone danger decrease. These items might be bought without a solution and make professes to decrease or forestall kidney stone arrangement. The utilization of these enhancements, including nutrients, minerals, and spices, is particularly common in the United States, where as per the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), three out of four people regularly devour dietary supplements.6 The rising prominence of enhancements has brought about a 10-overlay increment in the size of the business in the previous 25 years, from $4 billion to $40 billion.7 However, the proof for the fluctuated claims that enhancements may make isn’t constantly understood. This overall absence of severe testing prerequisites, combined with the huge volume of brands and items available, makes viable administrative oversight testing and confuses patients’ choices to burn-through enhancements and urologists’ suggestions in regards to their utilization.

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