This study was done to evaluate the performance of a new nebulized HA nasal hypertonic solution in the relief of symptoms of CRS and the symptoms improvement, endoscopic nasal findings, and safety profile were assessed.

This study was a monocenter, single arm, not controlled, premarket clinical trial on a new nasal solution containing HA was performed on patients who had a history of previously diagnosed or recurrent CRS or they had received a clinical diagnosis of CRS.

80 patients were enrolled who fulfilled the inclusion criteria for the study. HA nasal solution revealed to be significantly effective in the relief of symptoms of CRS. Several signs and symptoms significantly improved after therapy. The comparison between endoscopic assessments before and after treatment confirmed improvement of the condition. 74% of the patients were satisfied with the treatment and 80% reported an improvement. 80% of the patients were considered clinically improved.

The study concluded through its findings that the use of the investigated new nebulized HA nasal hypertonic solution is an effective and safe treatment of CRS.