The right heart is mainly supplied with blood by the right coronary artery (RCA). The impact of RCA chronic total occlusion (CTO) on the function of the right heart [right atrium (RA) and ventricle (RV)] and whether successful recanalization of a RCA CTO improves the function of the right heart is not clearly understood yet. We aimed to evaluate right atrial function after recanalization of the RCA using transthoracic echocardiography with additional strain imaging.
Fifty-five patients undergoing RCA CTO recanalization at the University Medical Center of Mainz were included in the study. Right atrial strain was assessed before and 6 months after successful CTO revascularization. The median age of the total collective was 66 (50-90) years. We did not find difference in our analysis of RA Volume (p 0.086), RA area (p 0.093), RA major dimension (p 0.32) and RA minor dimension (p 0.139) at baseline and follow-up. Mean RA reservoir strain at baseline was 30.9% (21.1-43.0) vs. 33.4% (20.7-47.7) at follow up (p < 0.001). Mean RA conduit strain was - 17.5% (- 10.7-(- 29.7)) at baseline vs. - 18.2% (- 9.6-(- 31.7)) at follow-up (p = 0.346). Mean RA contraction strain was - 12.9% (- 8.0- (- 21.3)) at baseline vs. - 15.5% (- 8.7-(- 26.6)) at follow-up (p < 0.001).
Right atrial function was altered in patients with RCA CTO. Successful revascularisation of an RCA CTO improved RA function assessed by strain imaging at follow-up.

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