To study the therapeutic effects of the ultramicro needle-knife combine with cervical spine fine adjusting on youth cervical curvature abnormality case.
From November 2016 to October 2018, 88 young patients with abnormal curvature of cervical spine were treated. Due to loss of follow up, 86 cases were actually completely including 37 males and 49 females, ranging in age from 20 to 40 years old, with an average of (30.55±5.21) years old, and the course of disease ranged from 1 to 42 months, with a mean of (14.21±7.38) months. All the patients were divided into two groups:treatment group (44 cases) and control group (42 cases). The patients in the treatment group were treated with ultramicro needle-knife and cervical spine fine adjusting, and the patients in the control group were treated with conventional acupuncture and manipulation. The treatments were done 1 time per week in the treatment group while 3 times per week in control group every week, with a duration of 3 weeks for both groups. Before treatment, 3 weeks after treatment, and at the end of 1 month follow-up, the score of neck pain questionnaire(NPQ), range of the motion(ROM) in the cervical region and the D values of cervical physiological curvature were recorded. The efficacy at the end of treatment and in the follow up was evaluated. During the treatment, the patients were also required to correct the bad posture in daily life, to sleep in a low pillow position, and put a moderately columnar pillow behind the neck for 0.5 hours every morning and evening.
Two patients in the control group were dropped out after 3 weeks treatment. No adverse reactions were found in the 2 groups during the treatment period. Compared with those before treatment, all scores at all the observation time points were significantly improved between two groups after treatment(all <0.05). The NPQ scores of cervical symptoms were different significantly between two groups(all <0.05). The changing range of the the NPQ score of cervical symptoms and cervical spine alignment curve of the treatment group were better than those of the control group (0.05). There was statistical difference in ROM scores between different time points, there was time effect (=240.32), =0.000). There was no interaction between time factor and group factor (=0.311, =0.734). The effective rate of the treatment group and control group were 90.91%(40 / 44) and 80.95%(34 / 42) respectively, the treatment group was more effective than the control group (0.05) in the follow-up duration.
The method of needle knife combined with cervical spine fine adjusting has a better therapeutic efficiency than conventional acupuncturecombined with manipulation in treating youth cervical curvature abnormality patients. Because this novel method can recover the cervical curvature, relieve the neck pain, and improve cervical mobility.