Cancer is not a very rare condition these days. A good number of people face the problem which, when left untreated or when mistreated, becomes fatal for life. Treating cancer is a challenging task; chemicals and meds are not that enough to provide you the best of the way out to solve this problem. Hence cancer surgery is one of the best ways to get rid of the malignancy.

 As mentioned, in most of the high-income countries like the USA and UK, basically there are 30 Malignant sites where problems are expected to arise and further spread. These are 19 individual and 11 other paired sites of malignancy. More than 58% of the patients were suggested surgical treatment on the diagnosis of treatment. However, the way to surgery depends a lot on the site of cancer. More than 23% of prostate cancer go for surgical treatment, while this percentage is 99 % for testicular cancer. According to data from South Western Sydney, it was observed that less than 14 % of lung cancer patients go for surgical treatment.

 To summarize it up, high-income countries and all the growing economies should take the measure of prompting better treatments such as cancer surgery for the mass population with a certain benchmark to follow.