Nowadays due to the development in medical care practices, several immunotherapeutic strategies have been introduced into clinical practice. The researchers are mainly focused at implementing the present immunotherapeutic strategies, in order to improve the standard care of patients experiencing IgE‐mediated respiratory hypersensitive disease. Also, the most sensible choice is the dynamic treatment of IgE‐mediated food sensitivity with oral immunotherapy. Allergen immunotherapy (AIT) is at present acknowledged and routinely recommended around the world. It is perceived as a possibly corrective treatment that improvises the natural history of IgE‐mediated unfavorably susceptible diseases. Epicutaneous immunotherapy (EPIT) has been suggested as an alternative route. EPIT maximizes antigen presentation due to the direct effect on antigen‐presenting Langerhans cells, which are abundant in the epidermal layer of human skin. Although yet, there are several unclear points of AIT among which one example is the achievement of Persistent tolerance. Hence clinical studies are being continuously regulated and are emerging to precisely investigate new perspectives into the field of immunotherapy.

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