Schaaf-Yang syndrome is a genetic disorder caused by mutations in the paternal allele of the MAGEL2 gene. Developmental delay, feeding difficulties, joint contractures and a high prevalence of autism spectrum disorders are characteristic of the syndrome. Endocrine abnormalities include mostly various pituitary hormonal deficiencies, presenting as hypoglycemia in 48% of reported cases. Persistent hyperinsulinism was only described in two siblings and responded to diazoxide treatment. We describe a unique case of an infant with Schaaf-Yang syndrome that presented with persistent hyperinsulinism unresponsive to diazoxide. Furthermore, we conducted a literature review of the endocrine abnormalities described in MAGEL2 related disorders. The case presented expands the clinical phenotype of Schaaf-Yang syndrome and emphasizes the importance of endocrine follow-up in these patients. Further investigation into the role of MAGEL2 in the regulation of pancreatic beta-cell insulin secretion, will improve our understanding of the abnormalities in glucose regulation in this syndrome.
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