Global evidence has shown a significant contribution of ANC in the detection and treatment of pregnancy-related complications. Over the years, many areas in Ghana have recorded high uptake of ANC. Researchers sought to explore the determinants of ANC uptake among women who failed to utilize ANC services during their pregnancy period in Binduri District in Northern Ghana.

The study was an exploratory, descriptive study using the purposive sampling technique. A total of 15 women who met the study’s inclusion criteria were recruited for a face-to-face interview. The data were analyzed using the procedure of inductive thematic analysis.

The study findings showed that several factors hindered the use of ANC among our participants. The individual characteristics responsible for non-utilization of ANC included financial constraints hindering registration with the national health insurance scheme, excuses of being busy, perception that pregnancy was not the sickness, and concentration on work. Perceived poor attitude of nurses was the only health system factor contributing to non-utilization of ANC services.

There is a need to establish registration centers of national health insurance in all communities to make the scheme more accessible. There should also be intensive public education on the importance of attending ANC