to identify novel biomarkers for peritoneal endometriosis in eutopic endometrium thus giving an oportunity for non-invasive diagnosis.
A cross-sectional single-center study SETTING: tertiary care hospital PATIENTS: 49 patients subjected to laparoscopy because of suspected endometriosis, 33 patients out of the group qualified to the study had sufficient endometrial tissue taken and were in their follicular phase of menstrual cycle.
biopsy sampling of eutopic endometrial tissue during diagnostic or diagnostic and terapeutic laparoscopy, questionaires, MAIN OUTCOME MEASURE(S): qRT-PCR to evaluate the mRNA expression of selected candidate marker genes in endometrium: ARO1 (aromatase), CXCL8 (interleukin 8), NGF (nerve growth factor), VEGF-A (vascular endothelial growth factor A), PDGF-A (platelet-derived growth factor A).
mRNA expression of ARO1, CXCL8, VEGF-A and PDGF-A did not differ significantly between women with and without endometriosis. NGF mRNA expression was decreased in women with endometriosis.
Observed preliminary results suggest a possible role of NGF in early diagnosis of peritoneal endometriosis. The role of NGF changes in eutopic endometrium of patients with peritoneal endometriosis needs further evaluation.

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