One of the significant aims of marriage is to procreate or give birth to a child. Childbirth is so crucial in a marriage that it often determines the happiness of the couple. Too much delay in childbirth after marriage or the likelihood of not giving birth after marriage can lead to divorce. However, causes of delay in delivery are often difficult to detect by both the Gynaecologist and the couple involved.

It is against this background that we conducted this study to identify factors that determine childbirth within ten months or after ten months of marriage among women in Ghana. Researchers achieved this by using a logistic regression model for the dichotomous birth length variable, adjusting for risk factors/predictors of birth length. The data used for the study were obtained from the 2014 Ghana Demographic and Health Survey, consisting of 6,525 complete cases with 18 predictor variables. Statistical analyses were carried out using STATA version 14.1.

Husbands should openly express their desire and love for their children since this increases the likelihood of wives’ desire to give birth. This leads to frequent sex, which then reduces conception time and hence childbirth within the shortest possible time.