The frequency of fall riskincreasing drug (FRID) use is high in older adults with multiple myeloma (MM) and is positively associated with polypharmacy, according to a study published in the Journal of Geriatric Oncology. Adriano Max Moreira Reis, PhD, and colleagues investigated the use of FRIDs and associated factors and assessed the use of medications that induce neuropathy in older adults with MM. FRIDs were classified according to the Screening Tool of Older Persons Prescription in patients with a high fall risk (STOPPFall). Approximately 54.2% of the 153 older adults included in the study were female, and the median age was 70.9. Approximately 71.3% of participants used FRIDs, with diuretics (25.6%), antidepressants (20.5%), and opioids (19.9%) found to be the most used. Among FRIDs used, 32.7% were associated with a high risk for falling.