The disease of cancer is so deadly, that its name suggests disease and death. The disease is associated with morbidity to such an extent that this is the sole disease with the highest possibility of death and disability. However, in addition to death, this disease is linked with the worse outcomes and effects which at times make a living person dead, despite his or her death not being arrived. The worst possible outcome of this falls. There are one of the worst possible outcomes of the therapies which a person may suffer despite threatening himself or herself in the best possible manner. Therefore, the therapies like chemotherapies and radiotherapies which play a role in treating cancer also leave certain effects which make it impossible to teat cancer in the best possible manner, there are so many side effects that the person is unable to bear the brunt of the same and hence, is forced to live a life of so many hurts and pains. However, structured exercise programs can play a vital role in ensuring that these side effects do not occur. There are chances that they play a vital role in saving themselves by a proper assessment. A study was conducted amongst the 500 people which showcased the similar results like this.

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