Our aim was to explore the different indications of the Mini TightRope® suture button whether during first-line treatment or secondary surgery of thumb carpometacarpal osteoarthritis (OA). The indications for this new device are presented and discussed based on our own small case series and published data. Twenty-one patients treated with the Mini TightRope® were included in a prospective study. One of them was operated on both sides. Fourteen devices were used in first intention for Eaton stage IV OA; the patients underwent trapeziectomy and suture button suspensioplasty only. Four cases consisted of revision surgery for painful proximalization of the first metacarpal after trapeziectomy and ligamentoplasty. Four cases consisted of secondary surgery after trapeziectomy and implant interposition (two silicone implants and two pyrocarbon implants). We captured the demographic data, follow-up time, pain level, pinch strength before and after surgery, range of motion, metacarpal subsidence, and postoperative complications. The average age of the patients was 60 years. There were 19 women and 2 men. The average follow-up time was 2.5 years (1-4). The average pain level, according to a visual analog scale (1-10) was 3.5 (2-5) preoperatively and 2 (1-4) postoperatively at rest and 7 (6-8) preoperatively and 4 (3-6) postoperatively with maximum load. The mean Kapandji score was 9 (7-10) and the retropulsion score was 3 (1-4). The average key pinch and tip pinch strengths were 80% and 78% of the contralateral side at the final follow-up. The trapeziectomy-suspensioplasty group had greater average trapezial space height compared to the revision surgery group (7.0 mm vs. 4.5 mm). There are several indications for the Mini TightRope® device in the treatment of severe thumb carpometacarpal OA: first metacarpal suspension during open or arthroscopic total or partial trapeziectomy and secondary surgery after failure of trapeziectomy with or without implant interposition. The advantage of this new device, which suspends the first metacarpal off the second metacarpal, is the very short immobilization period contrary to other suspensioplasty procedures.