The muscle precursor cell (MPC) injection in the EUS (external urinary sphincter) muscle is a developing option for treating stress urinary incontinence. This study conducts a pre-clinical trial to understand the feasibility of the treatment in female cadavers.

This study is an interventional anatomical cadaveric investigation conducted in a lab. The urologists injected nano-iron particles in the EUS in three fresh unfixed female cadavers. Each subject received an MRI prior to the process and MRI with CT after the process.

The researchers compared the accumulation and precision of the particles with a rating scale to understand left vs. right, and anterior vs. posterior distribution using CT, MRI, and US. 4 points were awarded for accuracy of the injection in the anterior target, 3 points for the precision of left and 3.33 points for right accumulation. The score for signal intensity before and after the injection was 0.33. No artifacts were impaired during the study.

The US-guided injection into EUS is found to be feasible and accurate to target a specific region. It also proves the method to be an appropriate treatment approach for MPC injection into EUS muscle for treating SUI in the future.