With technological advancements and an aging population, there is growing interest in delivering interventions at home. Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation (tDCS) and Cognitive Remediation (CR) as well as Cognitive Training (CT) have been widely studied, but mainly in laboratories or hospitals. Thus, the objectives of this review are to examine feasibility and the interventions components to support the domiciliary administration of tDCS and CR. We performed a systematic search of electronic databases, websites and reference lists of included articles from the first date available until October 31, 2018. Articles included had to meet the following criteria: original work published in English using human subjects, majority of tDCS or CR intervention administered remotely. A total of 39 studies were identified (16 tDCS, 23 CR/CT, 5 using both tDCS & CT). Four studies were single case studies and two were multiple case studies. The remaining 33 studies had a range of 9-135 participants. Five tDCS and nine CR/CT studies were double blind randomized controlled trials. Most studies focused on schizophrenia (8/39) and multiple sclerosis (8/39). Literature examined suggests the feasibility of delivering tDCS or CR/CT remotely with the support of information and communication technologies.