The study aimed to compare the 12-month continuation rate, level of satisfaction, and bleeding patterns of a once-a-month combined injectable contraceptive, a three-monthly progestogen-only injectable contraceptive, and COCs.

A prospective observational study was conducted at Aziz Medical Centre, Karachi, Pakistan. The study comprised 171 married women requesting contraception. Participants were offered injectable contraceptives or COCs and evaluated twice: once at the beginning of the study and again after 12 months or earlier if they discontinued use.

Sixty women chose COCs, 53 chose DMPA, and 58 chose the CIC. The continuation rate was higher among CIC users. CIC users were more satisfied with their method compared with those who decided COCs or DMPA. Most CIC users said they were likely or very likely to use the technique again; only 25.9% said they would not recommend it to a friend. However, CIC users had more spotting than COC users.

The study concluded that as the continuation rate, level of satisfaction, and bleeding profile of CIC users were promising, increased uptake should be encouraged. Ouresearchdy shows that CIC is a good option for women requesting contraception.