There are a lot of biological benefits of using flash radiotherapy which involves ultra high dose rate radiotherapy including Vozenin and colleagues. This ultra-fast dose rates increases the average tissue tolerance level, which thereby increases the probability of tumor control. clinical oncology has come up with a detailed review consisting excessive information regarding the same matter. Experimental data has been included from a variety of in vitro cell and tissue culture models. Few of the recent animals studies has shown that this flash radiotherapy leads to excessive repairing of normal tissues at 40 Gy/s, when compared to normal dose rate which is around 0.03 Gy/s. in flash radiation all the available oxygen is consumed and more number of electrons are liberated which ultimately results in more ionization when as compared to the normal conventional dose rates. A flash proton eradication system has been developed by the institut Curie for small animals. Although it is estimated that these machines would soon be ready to treat human beings in next 3 to 5 years as some fine tuning is still required so as to reduce the variation in dose delivery. It is expected that flash radiotherapy clinical trials which will use photons or even protons may begin in next few upcoming years.