Newly emerging influenza viruses keep challenging global public health. In order to evaluate the potential risk of the viruses, it is critical to rapidly determine the phenotypes of the viruses, including the antigenicity, host, virulence and drug resistance.
Here, we built FluPhenotype, a one-stop platform to rapidly determinate the phenotypes of the influenza A viruses. The input of FluPhenotype is the complete or partial genomic/protein sequences of the influenza A viruses. The output presents five types of information about the viruses: 1) sequence annotation including the gene and protein names as well as the open reading frames, 2) potential hosts and human-adaptation-associated amino acid markers, 3) antigenic and genetic relationships with the vaccine strains of different HA subtypes, 4) mammalian virulence-related amino acid markers, and 5) drug resistance-related amino acid markers. FluPhenotype will be a useful bioinformatic tool for surveillance and early warnings of the newly emerging influenza A viruses.
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