Although clinical prognostic indicators exist for follicular lymphoma(FL), patient outcomes remain heterogeneous.
We evaluated the association between survival and a polygenic risk score(PRS) composed of five previously identified FL susceptibility loci(rs12195582, rs13254990, rs17749561, rs4245081, rs4938573) among women who participated in a case-control study of non-Hodgkin lymphoma in Los Angeles County between 2004-2008. Risk associations were estimated through logistic regression, calculating the odds ratios(OR) and 95 % confidence intervals(95 % CI). Survival was estimated under a Cox proportional hazards model and hazard ratios(HR) and 95 % CI were calculated.
Among 437 non-Hispanic White controls and 100 non-Hispanic White FL patients, we confirmed a 2.6-fold increased risk of FL associated with the highest PRS tertile (95 % CI:1.35-4.86). After accounting for clinical indicators, the PRS was associated with improved overall survival in non-Hispanic women (HR:0.31; 95 % CI:0.10-0.96).
PRS was associated with increased risk of FL, but improved overall survival.

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