In patients with AIDS-related lymphoma (ARL), hypoalbuminemia predicts inferior outcomes, according to a study published in Infectious Agents and Cancer. Investigators retrospectively analyzed patients with de novo ARL from 2013- 2019 to examine factors correlating with progression-free survival (PFS) and overall survival (OS). A total of 86 patients with ARL were enrolled and followed for a median of 34 months. The OS and 2-year PFS rates were 37.5% and 35.4%, respectively, in the cohort. Inferior survival was predicted by older age and hypoalbuminemia in multivariate models. Worse OS and 2-year PFS were seen for patients with ARL with hypoalbuminemia, which was associated with poor Eastern Cooperative Oncology Group performance status and a higher International Prognosis Index score. “We showed that hypoalbuminemia is a simple and effective prognostic factor in AIDS-related lymphoma patients,” the study authors wrote. “For patients with ARL with hypoalbuminemia, closer follow-up and timely intervention are necessary.”