One of the most consistent findings of the cancer patients has been the fact that there is a huge amount of disparity between the two genders. There has been a difference in the manner in which the men and the women react to the deadly disease of cancer, there is also a difference in the manner in which they both are likely to get infected by the same and at the same time die because of the same. There have been recent studies that have been conducted so far in order to reveal that the men are more likely to get affected bu the deadly disease of cancer in addition to that, the men are also more likely than the women to die because of cancer. The time duration for which chemotherapy is said to affect them is also less for men as compared to women. The men globally have been suffering from cancer in the more ratio as compared to that of the women. The estrogen has been responsible in increasing their chances of death because it is the hormone which if imbalanced will likely affect the progesterone and other hormones which will at last result in abnormal growth of cells.

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