In children with immune thrombocytopenia, thrombopoietin receptor agonists are an essential treatment option (ITP). At their center, researchers assessed the responsiveness, effectiveness, and safety of a generic version of romiplostim for treating children with persistent/chronic ITP. Between 2019 and 2020, 45 children with persistent/chronic ITP were studied, with 5 dropping out and 40 remaining. Patients were given romiplostim at a dosage of 5 mcg/kg/week for 20 weeks. Platelet count was measured at weeks 1, 3, 20, and 26. For dosage adjustment, a predesigned algorithm was employed. Patients with platelet counts of 50 109/L or above were weaned off medication after 20 weeks and followed until 26 weeks. 

At the time of enrollment, the median platelet count was 11×109/L (IQR 23×109/L). About 13/40 youngsters had previously had >/= three lines of ITP treatment. Platelet response (platelet count increase to more than 50,109/L without the need for rescue drugs) was found in 26 (65%) patients at week 20. In 12 of the 40 youngsters, rescue medicine was utilized. In 22/40 children, there was a sustained platelet response after decreasing and discontinuing romiplostim. There were no significant adverse events or treatment discontinuations. The findings showed that generic romiplostim was well tolerated and effective in children with chronic/persistent ITP.