We report two brothers with severe global cognitive and motor delay, cortical visual impairment and sick sinus syndrome who were born to consanguineous parents. Standard genetic evaluations did not reveal the cause of their mental retardation. As expected, chromosomal microarray (CMA) revealed extensive regions of homozygosity. Exome sequencing revealed that both affected boys were homozygous for a nonsense mutation in the G-protein β5 () gene (NM_016194.3:c.1032C > G; Tyr344Ter), and that the parents were carriers of this mutation. No other DNA variants that were explanatory for the sick sinus or the developmental delay/intellectual disability were identified, and no other clinical parameters are likely to have contributed to this unusual combination of phenotypes. The neurologic features of our patients are more severe than those of most of the other patients previously reported with variants, probably because of the homozygous, complete loss-of-function (nonsense/stop-gain) nature of their variant, and their clinical course has been monitored for longer duration.