Geriatric assessment is an integral part of geriatrics and leads to various improvements in the treatment of geriatric patients.
Analysis of assessment data and patient characteristics in a large inpatient geriatric patient population. Evaluation of data from the Geriatrics in Bavaria Database (GiB-DAT) over 20 years as well as a cross-sectional study from 2020. Presentation of data for patients in inpatient acute geriatrics as well as continuing geriatric rehabilitation.
The number of patient records and participating hospitals has steadily increased for both inpatient care types to 821,913 (status 31 March 2021). The Barthel index and other assessment results show differentiated values between acute geriatrics and continuing geriatric rehabilitation.
The results demonstrate the differences in patient outcomes between the two types of care as well as changes in the setting over time. The constancy of the applied assessment instruments contributes to the comparability of the different hospitals; however, it is necessary to introduce new and alternative assessment instruments and to further develop inpatient geriatrics.

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