This study states that The points of this investigation were to evaluate anatomical tourist spots concerning urethral meatus and glans in hypospadias and contrast the discoveries and those of sound people, and to survey whether checking reference focuses helps in improving result.

Patients who went through fix for hypospadias had reference focuses stamped. Vertical meatal length, ventral glans conclusion and glans meatus extent were inferred, and the qualities contrasted and those acquired from solid young men. 2. The results of TIP fix subsequent to checking reference focuses (Group I) were contrasted and those of a comparable gathering without skin markings (Group II).

There was critical contrast in the age dissemination of hypospadiac patients and sound people, reflected in the meatal length and ventral glans conclusion. Be that as it may, there was no huge distinction in glans meatus extent. 2. The fistula rate was 2/35 (5.7%) in bunch I contrasted and 5/47 (10.5%) in bunch II. The meatal stenosis was 2/35 (5.7%) in bunch I and 4/47 (8.5%) in bunch II. Hence we conclude that Anatomical tourist spots in hypospadias are like those found in sound people. 2. Stamping reference focuses preceding cut assists with diminishing the pace of meatal stenosis and fistula.

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