Understanding the influence of globalisation on anaphylaxis management and identifying viable ways to enhance patient care and prevention. Anaphylaxis developments have constantly followed these globalisation trends, giving opportunities for allergy community partnerships and integrated international initiatives to provide quality treatment to allergic patients globally.

Globalization is the term that indicates the connection and integration of people, businesses, and governments all over the world. Anaphylaxis developments have followed similar globalisation trends, giving opportunities for collaboration and integrated multinational projects all around the world. Complex diseases, such as anaphylaxis, have necessitated complex integrative solutions, resulting in a renewed embrace of foreign traditions. Allergies push us to consider natural and integrative medical methods as feasible choices. The concept of holistic and global-based treatment is developing as the new reality of medicine, with the disintegration of international boundaries and universal free access to information. Researchers are convinced that an integrated action plan for the care and prevention of anaphylaxis, made feasible only by globalisation, is a critical health, political, and economic move that advocates for the finest allergology practise.

Reference: https://journals.lww.com/co-allergy/Abstract/2018/10000/Globalization_and_anaphylaxis.2.aspx