A 6-month-old French bulldog was presented due to chronic large intestinal diarrhea of 4 months duration. The diagnostic procedures initiated by the referring veterinarian had resulted in a tentative diagnosis of chronic enteropathy, however treatment consisting of elimination diet as well as antibiotic, anthelmintic, anti-inflammatory and immunosuppressive medication had been unsuccessful. By means of endoscopy and histological examination, pronounced erosions and ulcerations of the colonic mucosa were detected. Fluorescence in situ hybridization enabled the identification of invasive within the colonic mucosa and colonic macrophages, allowing for the diagnosis of granulomatous colitis. The dog showed complete remission of clinical signs following 8 weeks of treatment with enrofloxacin. This case report describes the first successful treatment of granulomatous colitis with enrofloxacin in a French bulldog puppy in Germany and is intended to sensitize the reader to this disease in (young) dogs.
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