The purpose of this policy statement is to update the 2004 American Academy of Pediatrics clinical report and provide enhanced guidance for institutions, administrators, and providers in the development and operation of a pediatric intermediate care unit (IMCU). Since 2004, there have been significant advances in pediatric medical, surgical, and critical care that have resulted in an evolution in the acuity and complexity of children potentially requiring IMCU admission. A group of 9 clinical experts in pediatric critical care, hospital medicine, intermediate care, and surgery developed a consensus on priority topics requiring updates, reviewed the relevant evidence, and, through a series of virtual meetings, developed the document. The intended audience of this policy statement is broad and includes pediatric critical care professionals, pediatric hospitalists, pediatric surgeons, other pediatric medical and surgical subspecialists, general pediatricians, nurses, social workers, care coordinators, hospital administrators, health care funders, and policymakers, primarily in resource-rich settings. Key priority topics were delineation of core principles for an IMCU, clarification of target populations, staffing recommendations, and payment.
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