Certain head positions can optimize topical irrigation distribution to specific sinuses. No studies in the existing literature have assessed whether patients attain these positions when irrigating.

Researchers conducted this study to assess head angle when patients irrigate based on instructions from an irrigation device or a Rhinologist.

Researchers obtained the study approval from the Henry Ford Health System’s Institutional Review Board. Forty-two patients with various rhinology conditions were equally divided into groups based on irrigation instruction type: pictorial instructions from an irrigation device or written/verbal instructions from a Rhinologist. Both groups’ instructions directed nose-to-floor head positioning. Simulating home irrigations, patients irrigated 120 mL of saline into each naris using 240 mL squeeze bottles.

On the lateral view, the average angle between NTP and H was 20.0° and between NTP and BT was 59.4°. On the frontal view, the average angle between ND and V was 9.5° and between ND and BT was 24.5°. There were no significant angle differences between sides of instruction types.

The study concluded that when instructed to rinse in the nose-to-floor head position, patients achieved ahead position up rotated 20° on the lateral view and vertex turned 10° away from the side of irrigation on frontal view.

Reference: https://journals.sagepub.com/doi/full/10.1177/1945892419825612