Headache is one of the most common neurological complaints, and is most frequent during reproductive age. As a result, we are routinely faced with pregnant or breastfeeding women with this symptom in clinical practice. It is important to know which pharmacological choices are the safest, which should not be used, and when we should suspect secondary headache. To this end, the Spanish Society of Neurology’s Headache Study Group has prepared a series of consensus recommendations on the diagnostic and therapeutic algorithms that should be followed during pregnancy and breastfeeding.
This guide was prepared by a group of young neurologists with special interest and experience in headache, in collaboration with the Group’s Executive Committee. Recommendations focus on which drugs should be used for the most frequent primary headaches, both during the acute phase and for prevention. The second part addresses when secondary headache should be suspected and which diagnostic tests should be performed in the event of possible secondary headache during pregnancy and breastfeeding.
We hope this guide will be practical and useful in daily clinical practice and that it will help update and improve understanding of headache management during pregnancy and breastfeeding, enabling physicians to more confidently treat these patients.

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