For a study, the goal of researchers was to find the Hb grouping of the optic nerve to recognize sound endlessly with eyes with gentle glaucoma. Eyes from patients with gentle essential open point glaucoma (MD>−6 dB) (n=58) and from solid subjects (n=64) were chosen. Retinal nerve fiber layer thickness estimations of everyone’s eyes were acquired with optical rationality tomography. Optic plate photos were moreover acquired, and the pictures were broken down using the Laguna ONhE programming, which evaluated how much Hb in 24 areas of the optic nerve head (ONH). The outcome likewise worked out the Glaucoma Discriminant Function (GDF), a study that communicated the chances of the ONH being viable with glaucoma. Regions under the collector issuing trademark bend and alertness at proper specificities of 90% and 95% of every Laguna ONhE boundary were determined. The average retinal nerve fiber layer thickness and vertical cup/circle proportion of the control and glaucoma bunches were between 90.0 and 10.6 μm versus between 66.28 and 9.85 μm (P<0.001) and between 0.5 to 0.09 versus 0.65 plus minus 0.09 (P<0.001), individually. All out Hb (67.9±4.45 versus 62.89±4.89, P<0.001) and GDF (11.57±15.34 versus −27.67±20.94, P<0.001) were altogether higher in the benchmark group. The Hb fixation was, moreover, fundamentally more in 21 of the 24 areas in the receiver operating characteristic curve  (P<0.05). The GDF had the biggest regions under the collector working trademark bend (0.93), with 79.3% responsiveness at 95%. Estimates of optic nerve Hb focus, including a colorimetry visual gadget, exhibited great precision in separating solid eyes from eyes with gentle glaucoma. Further examinations were needed to comprehend vascular variables ensnared in the advancement of glaucoma.