Despite diabetes being an independent risk for HF, only some DM patients develop HF and hence our aim was to compare the clinical features of DM with and without HF and non-DM with and without HF.
A retrospective observational study was conducted among 397 individuals who visited two tertiary care centres. They were classified into 4 groups – DM with HF(DM-HF), DM without HF, non-DM with HF(non-DM-HF) and non-DM without HF. We assessed and compared the clinical profile of DM with HF vs. DM without HF and non-DM with HF groups respectively.
The parameters such as age, BMI, BP, eGFR showed significant difference between the groups. People with DM-HF were older compared to DM without HF group(58.9 ± 9.2vs.49.5 ± 9.3; p < 0.001). An increasing trend was observed in HF prevalence with increasing duration of DM among the DM-HF group. DM-HF showed a higher prevalence of hypertension and coronary artery disease(CAD) by history than DM without HF group. DM-HF group(91.2%) had HF with preserved left ventricular ejection fraction(HFpEF) whereas a high proportion(43.5%) of non-DM-HF group had HF with reduced LV ejection fraction(HFrEF).
The DM-HF group differed from other groups significantly in age, diabetes duration, HbA1c level, prevalence of hypertension, CAD and HFpEF.

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