The Particulars: The development of wireless detection systems has enabled clinicians to monitor patients for arrhythmias for an extended period. To date, few studies have explored the diagnostic yield of wearable, wireless arrhythmia detection patches for clinically relevant arrhythmias (CRA).

Data Breakdown: Patients in a study were prescribed a wearable, wireless arrhythmia detection patch.  CRA was detected in 64% of cases among those using the patch. The average time to first CRA was 5.8 days. The compliance rate was 90% for patients prescribed the patches for 7, 14, 21, and 30 days.

Take Home Pearls: Wearable, wireless arrhythmia detection patches appear to provide a high diagnostic yield for CRA, with high compliance rates. These patches may be preferred over standard 1- or 2-day ambulatory monitors.