In Galicia, the incidence (I) of hepatitis A (HA) is low and the susceptibility is 51% in adults (18-64 years). Between 2016 and 2018 the cases increased, mainly in men. We intend to describe the cases of HA in Galicia during this outbreak period (PB), compare them with the pre-outbreak period (PPB), and the interventions performed.
Descriptive study of the cases of HA declared between 2016-18 (PB), compared to those from the previous period (2010-2015, PPB). Cases recorded in the mandatory notification system (general practice, hospitalization and microbiology) from 2010 to 2018 were included. For the pre-outbreak period 2010-2015 (PPB) it was calculated the average of cases/four-week period to compare observed/expected cases; the incidence (I) [cases/100,000 inhabitants (c/105h)] by sex and age was compared with the PPB through the Relative Risk (RR). It were sent messages with recommendations through men who have sex with men (MSM) reference websites.
The outbreak lasted 80 weeks (september of 2016 to march of 2018). The incidence was 3 cases/105h in men and 0.5 cases/105h in women. Compared to the PPB, the RR-PB in men was 4.8 (95%CI=4-7) and 20.4 (95%CI=5-87) in 40-44 years. 42% of men declared to have relationships with other men (57% in 20-30 years). At the end of 2016, a message with recommendations (specially vaccination) was sent via Wapo (promoted to MSM through one of its reference websites), where 331 entries were registered.
HA’s incidence, in Galicia, increased in 2016-2018 by an outbreak in MSM. We found an increased susceptibility among young people which makes necessary to insist on the vaccination of groups at risk.