The present study was aimed to examine the efficacy of chitosan-alginate coated vaccines against pathogenicity of Lactococcus garvieae and Streptococcus iniae in rainbow trout. Fish were divided into four groups including: Group A: fish immunized by chitosan-alginate coated vaccine, Group B: fish immunized by non-coated vaccine, Group C: fish feed by chitosan-alginate coated pellets without vaccine and Group D: fish feed by basic diet (non-coated and without vaccine). In groups A and B, the vaccination was carried out for 14 days and after that supplemented with fundamental diet (control diet). Comparable to groups A and B, fish of group C were were also fed 14 days with test diets and after that fed control food. On day 0, 20, 40 and 60 of the experiment, serum samples were given. Fish have been challenged with live L. garvieae and S. iniae after 60 days. The levels of bactericidal activity and complement activity among innate immunity components extended on day 20 of the research and after that decreased in group A and B (P < 0.05) all through the examination. The relative expression of IL-6 and IgM in groups A and B extended on examination day 20. The expression of these genes illustrated no advancements in different groups in during the examination (P > 0.05). In group A, the serum antibody titer against L. garvieae and S. iniae broadly raised on day 40 and 60 of examination, whereas in group B, the immune response titer against S. iniae and L. garvieae illustrated a significant elevation on day 60 of the trial (P < 0.05). After challenge with live bacteria, survival rate of 83 ± 9.1%(challenged with S. iniae) and 72.18 ± 9.8% (challenged with L. garvieae) were gotten independently in group A, which were higher than survival of other exploratory groups (P < 0.05). In conclusion, the results of the present examination appear that the orally vaccination of rainbow trout with chitosan-alginate covered vaccine stimulates immunity system and also efficiently increases the resistance to L. garvieae and S. iniae in rainbow trout.
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