The pandemic of coronavirus has affected the people in the worst possible way. It has not only taken a toll on the lives of the people who are already healthy but at the same point of time affected those who have been already undergoing treatment to cure their existing diseases. These existing diseases include chronic kidney diseases. The people are provided with the treatment of dialysis. However, this treatment becomes very much harmful to them and at the same time, these treatments are also becoming more dangerous for the people, with the people becoming more vulnerable to contract the virus of COVID-19. Therefore, the death rate of Europe has increased. People with chronic illnesses like kidney failure have 40 percent more chances of dying when it comes to COVID19. There were various studies conducted so far in order to unravel the truth. These included the patients who were suffering from both of the deadly diseases. As compared to the remaining population, they had 40 percent more chances of dying due to the virus.

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