We have fabricated polymer micro-lens array by self-organized dewetting inside the microchannel, which shows remarkable enhancement in the resolution, contrast and more than 10 times add-on magnification to a microscope. These lenses are demonstrated to resolve sub-micrometer features and detect moving micro-particles when suspension is flown in a microchannel. Polystyrene (PS) micro-lenses are fabricated on a polydimethylsiloxane (PDMS) substrate using the controlled dewetting of PS thin film then this PDMS substrate is used to close the microchannel with inverted micro-lenses on it. An aqueous suspension of polystyrene particles is flown through the microchannel and we have observed the particles through an optical microscope. Focusing and magnification through PS micro-lenses is analyzed to get a quantitative estimate of the particle number density in the solution. This method offers a promising low-cost high throughput solution for determining the approximate number density of flowing particles or suitably stained biological cells. Particularly in a pathology lab it can tremendously increase detection limit by enabling visibility of sub-micrometer pathogens using a standard laboratory microscope.
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