This research focuses on exploring RSK4 protein expression within Clear Cell Renal Cell Carcinoma (ccRCC), based on these investigations on level of expressions coupled with the relevance to clinicopathologic features and clinical outcomes.
The expression of RSK4 in 48 ccRCC and 20 hydronephrosis samples were under the detection of immunohistochemistry; besides, its relevance to the combination of clinicopathologic features with prognosis was committed in virtue of statistical approaches.
The 48 ccRCC samples included 36 (75%, 36/48) positive for RSK4, while the positive rate in hydronephrosis samples were 5 (25%, 5/20). Statistical analysis showed that RSK4 in ccRCC samples express higher expression the hydronephrosis samples (P  0.05), while WHO/ISUP nucleolar grade harboured relevance to low survival rate (P = 0.018). Molecular researches demonstrated that over-expression of RSK4 was able to upgrade the proliferation capability of ccRCC cell lines.
According to the expression pattern and molecular systems featured RSK4 in ccRCCs, it performed the function of a latent independent prognostic factor performing the function of a newly built latent therapeutic aim oriented with the patients undergoing RCC. Moreover, the specific mechanism of action is expected to be revealed in the future research.

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