The aim of this study is to perform a histopathologic analysis of temporal bones with an intralabyrinthine schwannoma (ILS) in order to characterize its extension.
Archival temporal bones with a diagnosis of sporadic schwannoma were identified. Both symptomatic and occult nonoperated ILS were included for further analysis.
A total of 6 ILS were identified, with 4 intracochlear and 2 intravestibular schwannomas. All intracochlear schwannomas involved the osseous spiral lamina, with 2 extending into the modiolus. The intravestibular schwannomas were limited to the vestibule, but growth into the bone next to the crista of the lateral semicircular canal was observed in 1 patient.
Complete removal of an ILS may require partial removal of the modiolus or bone surrounding the crista ampullaris as an ILS may extend into these structures, risking damage of the neuronal structures. Due to the slow growth of the ILS, it remains unclear if a complete resection is required with the risk of destroying neural structures hindering hearing rehabilitation with a cochlear implant.

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