Immune checkpoint inhibitors (ICPIs)  are progressively utilized as a successful immune‐based disease treatment choice in numerous kinds of strong and hematologic cancers.1 These medications restrain insusceptible checkpoints on the effector T cell or tumor side, for example, CTLA‐4, PD‐1, and PD‐L1. While insusceptible checkpoint inhibitors are progressively utilized for different malignant growths, flighty immune‐related unfriendly occasions (irAEs, for example, immune system encephalitis is life‐threatening. Here, we report a relationship between human leukocyte antigen (HLA) and atezolizumab‐induced encephalitis. In any case, by enacting effector T cells and perceiving autoantigens,2 ICPIs can cause immune‐related unfavorable occasions (irAEs, for example, irritation in the gastrointestinal parcel, endocrine organs, skin, lung, liver, and sensory system. A sum of 290 patients got atezolizumab, and seven patients created immune system encephalitis, and five of whom were enlisted for the examination. The patients introduced modified mindset, seizures, or myelitis. Three patients shared the HLA‐B*27:05 genotype for all intents and purpose (60%), which is fundamentally regular given its low recurrence in everybody (2.5%). After Bonferroni remedy, HLA‐B*27:05 was essentially connected with immune system encephalitis by atezolizumab (remedied P < 0.001, chances proportion 59, 95% CI = 9.0 ~ 386.9).

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